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A perfect gift to say I love you :Heart Jewelry

The heart symbol is one of the most well-known images. You can see it as an emoji and on every Valentine’s Day ad. The human heart has an association with feelings and emotions, which plays into love. Although, the heart organ looks different from the heart symbol we know. The heart symbol was first seen back in the 13th century. Thibaut used the heart symbol in his poem Roman de la Poire. Even though it was upside down in comparison to the symbol we use today, it became a way to express love. It wasn’t until the 14th century that the heart symbol started to look like the one we use today.

The heart symbol has become a very popular design for jewelry and is a great gift to give when you want to express love. You can also wear it when you want to show love. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings all can incorporate hearts.

What is the Meaning of Hearts in Jewelry?

You can find heart jewelry in many different varieties. The heart may be one symbol, but there are many different ways to interpret it. Based on what it means to you, you can express it in different ways.  What a heart means to you during one period of your life, can change depending on where you are in life. It can differ based on relationship status, where you’re living, or who has entered or left your life. With many different styles, you can find heart jewelry that fits any phase of life.

Miabella Sterling Silver Italian 5mm Rolo Heart Link Chain Bracelet


Make a sweet statement with this dainty sterling silver bracelet. Connected open heart shaped links give this unique design a stylish look. Wear this sentimental symbol alone for everyday modern elegance, with your favorite charms or stacked with other bracelets. The open links allow this adjustable bracelet to fit to your wrist size.

CDE Dainty Rose Gold Necklace for Women

Dainty Rose Gold Necklace

This striking mother of pearl charm on a delicate gold chain looks perfect against sun-kissed skin! Our mother of pearl heart necklace features two rows of fine chain in various lengths. Each layer of this necklace is different, one features a circle cubic zircon design and other features a mother-of-pearl heart charm, exuding an elegant, trendy touch.

Gold Mini Dangle Huggie Earrings for Women

 Huggie Earrings

These delicate tiny hollow heart dangle huggie earrings are crafted with flexible and strong clasp, easy to wear or take off, giving you a sturdy and comfortable wearing experience.They can be worn alone, or mixed with other multiple piercing earrings to create your own unique style.

2PCS Colorful Heart Ring Gold Band Rings Set for Women

Heart Ring

2 pcs heart rings set,Women’s and men’s Stacking rings are made of gold-plated. It is has long-lasting color retention, solid thickness, excellent coating and easy-to-clean characteristics, Can be used as a couple ring or as a stacking ring.